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Lunch and Play

Portneuf Health Trust’s mission is to improve and enhance health. Many years ago, we partnered with School District 25 to incorporate a physical activity component into their free summer lunch program. School District #25 offers a free summer lunch program to children during the summer from June to August. Portneuf Health Trust has partnered with the School District to expand the lunch by adding a “play” component.

Portneuf Health Trust organizes volunteers from different programs to coordinate physical activities and games into the lunch hour. Children who participate in the Lunch & Play program are introduced to new games and sports and learn fun ways to be physically active.  Volunteers who run the Lunch & Play program offer encouragement, teach new skills, play along, and act as positive role-models for the children.  Some of the participating volunteers are student-athletes from our local schools, staff from local gyms and health centers and so on.

With the continual decrease in physical education in schools, many children never “learn” how to exercise or how many fun and motivating ways there are to be active.  Unfortunately, fewer and fewer children are meeting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  This program aims to help children meet not only current physical activity goals but also encourages a foundation of physical activity for lifelong fitness and health.

The school district provides lunch at multiple parks every weekday through the summer. For more information about the School District’s Lunch Program, click here.
Portneuf Health Trust provides the “play” component at Alameda Park on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 1:00pm.
The program is completely free and all children are welcome to participate.

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For additional information about the Lunch and Play program or for volunteer opportunities, please contact Shelley at 208-239-1953 or shelley@portneufhealthtrust.org.