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We are excited to announce our new program for 2018, “PHT Student of the Month”.

Portneuf Health Trust’s mission is to improve and enhance health in Southeast Idaho. We offer a free Community Wellness Program that promotes health and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We know how important it is to establish healthy habits at a young age. In today’s world, kids have so many activities available to them that, while they may be stimulating and beneficial in some ways, tend to promote stationary activity. Children who are inactive and who spend too much time in front of a screen have an increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Too much screen time may also negatively affect your child’s muscle and bone development, posture, neck alignment, eye function and overall self-esteem and confidence.

The American Heart Association recommends that children ages 2 years and older participate in at least 60 minutes (or at least two 30-minute periods or four 15-minute periods) of enjoyable, physical activity every day to improve cardiovascular fitness, physical wellness and emotional development. (American Heart Association)

Benefits of physical activity include:

  • Strong bones and muscles
  • Healthy heart, lungs and arteries
  • Improved coordination, balance, posture and flexibility
  • Reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes later in life

So we want to help! We have developed this program in hopes of encouraging children to be more physically active at home. Each month, every elementary school child will be sent home with a sheet of paper that lists out 15 different exercises. All of the children who successfully complete all 15 activities twice, a total of 30 activities, has their parent/guardian sign off after completion, and turns their completed sheet back in to their teacher, will be entered in to win PHT Student of the Month. One child will be randomly selected and will receive a $25 gift card, be featured on our Facebook page and get their picture in the Idaho State Journal!

For more information, contact Shelley at 208.239.1953 or shelley@portneufhealthtrust.org.