You can help support health in our region by making a tax-deductible contribution to any of the following funds:

*100% of these funds go toward the program, no administrative costs are associated with these programs*

Breast Cancer Awareness Fund

The Breast Cancer Awareness Fund is dedicated to providing free mammograms to women who may not otherwise be screened. In order to qualify for a mammogram with this fund, a woman must be uninsured or unable to meet her deductible. Mammograms are provided in rural areas of Southeast Idaho on the Portneuf Medical Center Mobile Mammography Coach as well as in Pocatello at:

Portneuf Medical Center– 777 Hospital Way

Idaho Medical Imaging– 1151 Hospital Way, Building B

For scheduling information, please call:  (208) 233-3000 or (208) 239-1500


Cancer Patient Assistance Fund

This account is dedicated to assist cancer patients and their families with costs they incur during cancer treatment. It can include anything from prescription costs, transportation, meals, lodging and other financial needs that relate to their medical problems.


Shannon Potter Fun Fund

The Shannon Potter Fun Fund is set up to provide small pleasures for those going through cancer treatment.  It was set up by a vibrant and enthusiastic young woman from Pocatello.  When Shannon was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 31, she proudly proclaimed, “I will not let this get me down!”  She found a way to do the things she wanted to do every single day, no matter how she felt. As Shannon went through her journey with breast cancer, she told friends and family that she wanted to see a fund established that would bring joy to other cancer patients by providing simple pleasures that would help to remind them that they can have fun, even during their toughest times.

If you know a potential recipient, please call a social worker at the PMC Cancer Center:                                                                 Portneuf Medical Center Cancer Center (208) 239-1750

City Center Fund

This fund is designed to assist the poor and under-served that are in need a helping hand. The funds may go toward patient prescription costs, transportation, meals, lodging and other financial needs that relate to their medical problems.


ISU Residency Fund

This fund is set up to assist students who are in their residency at Portneuf Medical Center. It helps pay for the cost of travel and education.

To donate to any of these causes, please include which fund you would like to support in your memo.

Make all checks payable to:
Portneuf Health Trust, Inc.
500 South 11th Ave, Suite 503
Pocatello, ID 83201

Our staff can assist you in determining the most beneficial method of supporting the health care in our region, personalized to your needs and wishes. For more information on these or other gift vehicles, contact us at (208) 239-1956.